Amanda Harrington is the Michelangelo of tanning – she sculpts and transforms the body...



The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington™

Using her background in Makeup & Body Artistry, Amanda Harrington, Founder of InParlour has developed a definitive 3-step tanning method which is a completely customisable method of bronzing the body with a colour that is personalised to your skin tone and applied with luxurious brushes. Amanda’s unique brush-on application is combined with super-hydrating face and body products, and your skin is prepped, coloured and contoured for the ultimate beautiful, believable and long-lasting tan.

InParlour’s Tanning Artists have all been trained by Amanda herself, and are all experts in providing a tanning experience individually tailored to each male or female form to define, slim or tone the appearance of the body. Products are custom blended according to each skin tone and applied in layers by hand and brush for a natural and streak free finish.

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Bespoke Body Contouring with Amanda

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Bespoke Body Contouring

Once your Full Body Brush-On Tan is applied, your artist will follow the body’s natural shape to define and shade targeted areas. The result is a toned appearance, with emphasis on enhancing your natural silhouette and bone structure.

60 mins £120

Full Body Brush-On Tanning

Applied by hand and brush, this tan will give you a streak-free glow and long-lasting colour that compliments your natural skin tone. Does not include contouring.

45 mins £100
Press - Country & Town House
“I call the glorious Amanda Harrington, who gets snazzy folk red-carpet ready, contour tans women and men.”
Press - Vogue 2017
“The tan lasts, she adds, “even if you’re dancing on tables all night”.”
Press - Hong Kong Tatler
“There is, however, a new addition to the list: the super stylist.”
“There is still no excuse not to try out new make-up...”
Press - Porter 2016
“The Spirit of Summer Edition”

Amanda Harrington: Founder & Creative Director

Having worked as a make-up artist and body painter for the last 14 years, Amanda has developed her own technique, tools and formulas to enhance the appearance of the body and face through contour tanning.

Amanda started in feature films using body sculpting systems as part of the make-up artistry, and then continued on tour with bands and fashion shoots/editorial. This lead into clients and celebrities starting to book her in for photo-shoots and red carpet events to ‘contour and shade the body’ to ensure their body shape and skin finish appeared perfect.  As an artist and painter she knows the physical form and how it moves, enabling her to work with the muscle groups and define the bone structure using her artistic eye and clever shading techniques. As demand for Amanda’s unique approach to tanning increased, an experienced team of makeup artists were trained to deliver the technique in London and worldwide.

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I see it time after time when I tan someone. I can apply just one layer and suddenly I see the ‘peacock effect’ – the self–assurance and confidence and connection with your body.

Amanda Harrington