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Our caring and conscientious team deliver highly personalised beauty treatments whenever and wherever you need, whether you require high-end glamour for an event or discreet at-home services.

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Prices are based on appointments within London (Zones 1-2). For travel outside of this area please see our terms and conditions.



Our advanced cosmeceutical facials are specifically tailored to you and include cleansing, exfoliation, steam & extraction when required, and a lymphatic drainage massage. Skincare products are chosen after a consultation with your therapist and include Jan Marini and Dr. Barbara Sturm.

To maintain healthy luminous skin, we recommend a facial once per month.

InParlour's Signature Facial

Our most popular facial renews and brightens dehydrated and tired-looking skin, targets pigmentation and sun spots, and tightens and lifts the facial contours.

The facial begins with a deep cleanse, steam and extraction followed by a peel designed to resurface, clarify and smooth the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. This is followed by lymphatic drainage massage to help lift, de-puff, and balance the skin. A treatment mask is then applied to help target specific skincare concerns combined with a shoulder and scalp massage. The facial is finished with a serum and a treatment moisturiser selected for your skin.

70 mins  £195

The Lymphatic Drainage Facial

This natural and fast alternative to a face lift redefines your facial contours and clears your complexion.

Working with your body to support the lymph nodes, this facial helps to remove excess fluids and toxins and balances the skin through intense stimulation and massage of the muscles.

50 mins  £150

The Dr. Barbara Sturm Facial

This hydrating treatment has an instant refreshing effect and will leave your skin looking revived and luminous.

Active massage helps to improve blood circulation and boost collagen production used with cell regenerating products to help bring out your natural glow.

60 mins  £175

Teenage Signature Facial

We have modified our Signature Facial specifically for teenage skin.

Teenage skin is more sensitive and more reactive, so this gentle facial combines a soothing massage and the lightest mini-peel to remove dead skin and any build-up of bacteria that might be causing congestion or break outs.

45 mins  £160

Decollétage Peel

The area is cleansed and a gentle peel is applied to combat the signs of ageing, pigmentation and to visibly improve the appearance of the skin and its texture. Finished with a hydrating mask to sooth and balance the skin for a firmer, brighter appearance.

To be booked as part of any InParlour facial.

30 mins  £100


Very fine needles are used to create small channels within the epidermis, accessing the deeper layers of the skin. This allows the active ingredients in your facial to penetrate the skin more effectively, moisturising from within, increasing blood flow and activating the growth of new cells.

To be booked as part of any InParlour facial.



Whether you’re looking for an office-based blast of rejuvenation, a soothing full body massage in the comfort of your own home, or a simple pampering session in your hotel suite, we can cater to your every need.

All full body massage appointments are 60 minutes but can be extended on request.

InParlour's Signature Full Body Massage

Whether you are looking for pure relaxation or something remedial, our masseuses will custom select products, pressure and focus areas entirely for you. Our signature massages are beneficial for improving blood circulation, decreasing muscle toxins, increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, easing muscle tension and increasing flexibility. A consultation will be provided at the beginning of your session to tailor our approach to your needs and preferences.

60 mins  £150

Deep Tissue Massage

Using a slow pace and firm pressure, this whole-body massage works to alleviate chronic pain and long-term muscle tension. Deep tissue therapy is focused on realigning the deepest layers of muscle and connective tissues and is concentrated on target areas to help reduce enduring physical stresses and injuries.

60 mins  £150

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a specialised physical and manual therapy used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial aches, pains, tension and restrictions. This is a deep therapy using sustained firm pressure to the fascia (connective tissue) to ease long term physical, emotional and habitual trauma by relaxing and loosening areas that have become restricted. This also leads to improved blood and lymphatic circulation. The treatment is performed directly on to the skin without oils, creams or tools. 60 mins:

60 mins  £175

Back & Shoulder Deep Cleanse

A targeted exfoliating massage to combat congestion, discoloration and dry skin specifically affecting the back and shoulder area. Includes a relaxing cleansing massage, followed by an exfoliating scrub, removed from the skin with warm exfoliating mitts. A scrub will be selected according to your skin type, and can include glycolic acid to combat persistent congestion or vitamin C for sensitive skins. All treatments are finished with a relaxing massage and treatment mask to sooth and hydrate the skin.

45 mins  £140

Back & Shoulder/Foot & Leg Massage

An ideal treatment to add onto an existing facial or beauty appointment.

30 mins  £60


The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington® is a luxurious tanning experience individually tailored to the male or female form. The precision application by hand and by brush enables our therapists to define, slim or tone the appearance of the body. Using only Amanda Harrington London products and her 3-Step Technique for a natural and streak-free finish.

The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique

Applied by hand and brush, our world-renowned sunless tan will give you a streak-free glow and long-lasting colour that works with your natural skin tone. Your artist will follow the body’s natural shape to define and shade targeted areas. The result is a toned appearance, with emphasis on enhancing your natural silhouette and bone structure.

60 mins  £150

The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique with Amanda

Book your appointment with the mastermind behind the Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington®.


Hair & Makeup

InParlour represent a team of award-winning hair stylists and makeup artists. We endeavour to match you with the most suitable artist in terms of the look you would like to achieve. Our team are tiered according to their experience in the industry. Individual profiles available on request.

Long Lasting Blow Dry & Style

This thorough process will ensure your hair maintains that newly blow-dried look for days. Roll-brush, pin-set and roller blow dry are all available. Please specify your preference when booking.

Head Artist: £160
Pro-Team: £125


Event Hair

Whether you desire a soft yet elegant look for a dinner party, or a precision ponytail for the red carpet, the end result will be nothing short of a masterpiece.

Head Artist: £260
Pro Team: £160



Ideal for over-processed or dry hair, Olaplex repairs broken bonds helping reduce frizz, dullness, and even make curls more defined. Can be added as part of your colour service or combined with a blow dry to transform the texture and strength of your hair.a masterpiece.

Head Artist: £100


Event Makeup

From a red carpet event to a friend’s party, we know how important it is to be feeling your best. We ensure that we create the look that you want, using only the best products and techniques. Individual or strip lashes are included in the application.

Head Artist: £250
Pro Team: £155


Event Hair & Makeup (one artist)

If you have a little more time, one artist who specialises in both hair and makeup will create your full look, taking into consideration your outfit and the occasion. All artists are highly experienced in both areas and will begin with hairstyling before commencing your makeup. Individual or strip lashes are included in the application.

Dual Artist: £260


Personalised Makeup Lesson

Let one of our Head Artists teach you how to do it. Whether you want to learn the basics, the natural look or dramatic contouring and smoky eyes, we will design a lesson that suits your requirements. Each informative 2 hour lesson includes a full makeup application, as well as a quick root through and clear out of your makeup bags, product recommendations, application guidance, and a full listing of all items used during your appointment. Our Head Makeup Artists work internationally on red carpet and photoshoots for the fashion, film and television industries.

Head Artist: £400


Nail Care

Our expert nail technicians only use the most current nail products and techniques. Whether you require a simple nail tidy and foot scrub, or a glamorous manicure complete with nail art, our team will always leave you with healthy and beautiful hands and feet. For those on the go, our team can offer an express version of each treatment.

All manicures and pedicures can be booked separately.

Classic Manicures & Pedicures

Hands and feet are soaked, massaged and exfoliated, nails are then shaped and the cuticles are tidied. Our technicians stock a variety of classic polishes including Essie, Chanel and OPI in all current and classic colours.

Manicure 45 mins: £70
Pedicure 55 mins: £85


Gel Manicures & Pedicures

A long lasting chip free colour with a glossy finish. Polish is UV cured, meaning there is little to no dry time. Therapists use CND, Gelish, OPI and other leading brands, specific products available on request.

Manicure 35 mins: £80
Pedicure 45 mins: £95


Gel Removal

Each set of nails is soaked for a minimum of 15 minutes and the varnish is gently lifted off. Nails are cleansed to avoid nail bed damage. Please allow up to 30 minutes for full gel removal of both hands and feet.

Removal 15 mins: £20


Beauty Essentials

The essentials. A good pair of brows can lift and shape your face and luscious lashes will open and brighten the eyes.

Bespoke Eyelash Extensions

Lashes are available in either silk, mink or synthetic in a range of lengths and curls. Each is attached to an individual natural lash and will fall out as part of your lash cycle. The result is lightweight, longer, fuller and natural looking lashes. Please see our Eyelash Extensions care guide for more information here.

90 - 120 mins  £180

Infills are recommended every 3 weeks

Lash Lifting & Shaping

A revolutionary and low-maintenance treatment that lifts, lengthens and shapes your natural lashes. The process involves tinting and then curling your lashes to your desired shape using a perming lotion. Results last up to 6 weeks.

45 mins  £140

Includes eyelash tinting and an arm massage

Eyelash Tint

20 mins  £25

Eyebrow Tint

10 mins  £25

Eyebrow Tint & Tidy

45 mins  £50


Designed for gentlemen only. Each treatment is tailored to our male clientele in terms of products and technique to achieve the best results.

We like you to see instant results and all of our therapists are highly experienced when it comes to male grooming.

Contour Brush Tanning with Amanda

Book your appointment with the mastermind behind the Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington®. Tailored to the male form to create a natural looking tan with extra definition to the arms, shoulders, thighs and torso.

75 mins  Appointments on request

The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique

Applied by hand and brush, this world-renowned sunless tan will give you a streak-free glow and long-lasting colour that works with your natural skin tone. Your artist will follow the body’s natural shape to define and shade targeted areas. The result is a toned appearance, with emphasis on enhancing your natural silhouette and bone structure. Tailored to the male form.

75 mins  £170

Lymphatic Lifting & Reviving Facial

Our most popular facial: involving stimulation and massage of the muscles in the face and neck, this facial immediately reduces puffiness and lifts your features. Working with your body to support the lymph nodes, it will help to naturally remove excess fluids and toxins. Products used are tailored to you and can target pores, tired and stressed skin, dehydration and the effects of pollution.

50 mins  £150

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

A therapeutic, whole body massage, designed specifically to relax the muscles and the joints, reducing both physical and emotional stress and targeting any tension in the body. Can be concentrated on problem areas, for example muscle soreness, joint pain or stress.

60 mins  £150

Male Grooming

For the important moments in life: barbering services and skin work for special occasions and red carpet events where flash photography is expected. Hair is trimmed. shaped and styled from wet. Invisible skin work is included to reduce shine for photographs and filming, if required.

from 45 mins  from £140

Nail Care

Our male manicures & pedicures include nail clipping, nail shaping, cuticle work, foot and hand exfoliation, and nail buffing for a cleaner look. Pedicures include a lower leg massage.

90-120 mins  £100

Manicures and Pedicures can be booked separately.