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How to keep your Blow Dry bouncing from Monday to Friday

There is nothing a woman cannot do on a good hair day, fact. But what happens when the bounce starts to deflate?

Luckily, the hair team at InParlour are here with their top tips on how to maintain that glossy, coiffed style from Monday all the way through to Friday.

1. Art cannot be rushed

1. Art cannot be rushed

If you can spare an extra 30 minutes in the hairdresser’s chair, then do. "The best way to ensure you have that long lasting finish is to keep the brushes or pins locked in the hair for as long as possible." Rob from #TeamInParlour

2. Look but don’t touch

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Oil from the fingertips will build up every time you touch your hair making it greasier quicker. Oils are heavy and will encourage the shape to drop, so resist the urge to run your hands through your hair.

3. Keep your friends close, but your Dry Shampoo closer

Our scalp is a natural cleaning machine, and unfortunately we cannot stop oil from being produced. But we can cover it up! Melli from #TeamInParlour suggests using Dry Shampoo the day after your blow dry to cover excess oils and give your roots a little refresh. Hair looking a bit grey post-application? Gently blast the roots with a hairdryer on the cold setting to remove any white film that is left!

4. Let your curling wand work its magic

Once you get to the third day you will notice a slight drop in volume. Don’t fret, use your curling wand to add some gentle curls and texture and instantly refresh your look.

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