Amanda's Story

InParlour Ltd was set up by Amanda Harrington in 2005.

After completing a make-up and body painting degree at the London College of Fashion, Amanda noticed the difficulty within the industry to find a beauty-focused agency where highly qualified, trustworthy artists could be sourced.

She has subsequently put together an ever growing core team of creatives who are all handpicked by Amanda herself. All are kind, discreet, highly professional and most of all talented hair and beauty technicians, who are available to perform treatments at the time and location of your choice.

Amanda at work

Amanda also has a very clever approach to self-tanning due to her body painting skills. The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington® is completely flawless, and Amanda is now becoming a well-known tanning expert worldwide. This sunless tanning experience is a revolutionary way of appearing slimmer, healthier, and eliminating all the tell-tale signs of a regular spray tan. Amanda applies her own concoction of tints and colour blends to the skin using her own range of handmade face/body brushes, ensuring an even blend all over the body. There is a team of tanners available to book through the Parlour at Home section.

“I call the glorious Amanda Harrington, who gets snazzy folk red-carpet ready, contour tans women and men.”
“There is, however, a new addition to the list: the super stylist.”
“There is still no excuse not to try out new make-up...”
Porter - June 2016
“The Spirit of Summer Edition”
Tatler - August 2015
“Not only will you look super-tanned, but you’ll look super-toned as well...”

Why InParlour

InParlour represents an exclusive team of professional freelance hair and makeup artists, hairdressers, body painters, and a team of beauty technicians and tanning specialists.

They will perform their services in the comfort of your home, hotel, office, or any other location you may choose, saving you lots of time and energy! Each artist is carefully chosen by us based on their particular skill set and strong points, so you can be assured that we will assign you the most suitable artist for the job.

All of our team are incredibly adaptable to varying areas of the industry, so once we have discussed the brief, it will be easy for us to decide the combination of artists that would be best for the client/clients. Using up-to-date products and techniques, we strive always to create the best results possible for you.

Our artists are discreet, personable and highly flexible, and have worked with a wide range of people, from professionals to celebrity clientele. Because we choose to build our relationships for the long term, we consistently endeavour to have the best talent available to our clients.

Everything about InParlour is clever, discreet, delicious.